Everybody’s going a little Gaga…

Lady Gaga. The name conjures up all sorts of images; from the Franc Fernandez meat dress she wore to the VMA’s in 2010, to the recently released and unquestionably controversial ‘Judas’ music video, Gaga never ceases to shock and intrigue the masses.

I decided one fine spring day to attempt to take on a little side project which I could in due course give to my Gaga-obsessed (okay, maybe not totally obsessed 😉 ) friend as a little gift. I didn’t count on it taking quite as much time as it did, but I am glad to say that once it was completed I couldn’t have been any more satisfied.

Lady Gaga - Single cover
Lady Gaga – Original single cover

I decided to base the painting on this image from the single ‘Born This Way’ which was released on February 11, 2011. Originally my inspiration had come from Andy Warhol’s famous painting, Marilyn Monroe (1967). Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, I had some trouble locating a canvass fit for purpose, so chose instead to opt for a triptych.
First, I took the image of Gaga from online, and drew it out. I then took a photo of said image, put it through Photoshop, and rendered it as a cutout under artistic effects. I reduced the number of levels to four, added colour, and adjusted the settings further in order to ensure I had a three/four coloured cutout image to work with (I know, it sounds a lot like cheating, but computers are there to help right 😉 ).

Lady Gaga - Preparatory pencil drawing
Preparatory pencil drawing
Gaga in Photoshop

Below we can see a somewhat mutilated looking post production Gaga. I did start to get ever so slightly worried at this point that things may not work out quite the way I had planned…

Lady Gaga - Preparatory photoshop cutout
Lady Gaga – Preparatory photoshop cutout

…nonetheless, I decided to push on.
My next step was to get my canvass, lay the image out on it and start the actual painting!

Lady Gaga - Halfway there!

Gaga drawing...A4, Gaga Painting...A whole lot bigger.....EEK!

The project actually took several months to complete. Life often has a way of obstructing our paths when it comes to the things we really want to do with our time.
As someone who does their best to achieve close to perfection with every project, this one was particularly head-wrecking…In the best way possible! 😉

Lady Gaga - Put Your Paws Up!
Lady Gaga – Put Your Paws Up!

Though I probably won’t see your face when you receives your little prezzie, I hope there will be a nice big smile plastered across it. If not, you can give it back because I now want one!! 😉


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